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Two Steps Forward
Sharon Garlough Brown
Paperback | Sep 2015
1 in store $22.99
Malignant Metaphor
Alanna Mitchell
Hardcover | Sep 2015
3 in store $27.95
Pogue's Basics
David Pogue
Paperback | Nov 2015
1 in store $22.99
Woodlawn DVD
Mongrel Media
4 in store $20.99
To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee
Paperback | May 1995
1 in store $10.99
Fifteen Dogs
Andre Alexis
Paperback | Apr 2015
2 in store $17.95
Joy Is a Choice You Can Make Today
Kay Warren
Paperback | Feb 2016
2 in store $5.49
What are the best sellers right now?See more
According to the Globe and Mail, these are some of the big sellers right now.
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Located in the village of Haliburton, Master's Book Store has been serving the Highlands for more than 30 years. With a large inventory of books, gifts, maps, music, DVDs, games, puzzles, art, toys, and Bibles, we have something for everyone. You can find us on the main street in The Village Barn across the street from the Bank of Montreal.


It's Autumn!See more
And now we celebrate the season of autumn.
Engaging With NatureSee more
It's summer !and we love to be out of doors.There is so much wonder in nature! We have a whole unit of books dedicated to exploring nature. Come and see--we've got something for everyone, from field guides to picture books to instruction manuals.
Homework helpsSee more
We have a wide range of graded workbooks to help the student learn.
What to do on a rainy day!See more
You could be out on the lake. You could be hiking, biking, sunning, or running. Well, how about some activities you can do while remaining dry?
Crosswords, Sudoku, KenKen, and More!See more
So many puzzle books. These are just a few edited by The New York Times' Will Shortz.
Engaging with childrenSee more
There are so many things we can do with children that will build relationships, self-confidence, creativity, and so much more. These books show us just a few of those activities.
Local AuthorsSee more
We live in a community with many talented artists, performers, and writers. So let's celebrate some of the books our local peope have written!

It's no secret that colouring books for adults have become enormously popular in the last year or so. But did you know that Master's Book Store has been carrying them for years?

Kathy has recently brought in lots of new books for beginner readers. These include favorite classics as well as brand-new titles.

Kathy got in a bunch of beautiful story books at bargain prices. Take a look! These are just some of them.

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